Web design

So you want a website ?

Being present on the Web in 2015 can take various forms, not necessarily passing through the creation of a dedicated website. Still, in many cases, the creation of your own platform can offer many advantages: SEO, centralization of information and a starting point for your visibility, social media strategy and, of course, transactions. Whether you need a complete website creation process, with support for the purchase of the domain name, hosting selection or the choice of platform, we offer the solution adjusted to your needs. We will take care to assess your needs, your knowledge and offer you, if needed, the necessary training, so that you have in hand all keys to update your site.

Our services:

  • Support for all of the technical aspects (domain name, hosting, etc),
  • Choice of the platform adapted to your needs,
  • Tailor-made web design,
  • Training on selected platforms so that you are able to integrate yourself it within your site,
  • Or modular management support content: from the simple update drafting services online.

From pimping your website to a full web platform creation,Nameo Solutions will provide you with the right tools to make a difference!