360 Web strategy

I wanna be on the net!

Tell us about that: we love it too!

However, you have to wonder before why and how in order to avoid implementing a strategy which would miss its target and lead to budget overruns which you could easily live without…

Our experience in management and leadership, both in companies and non-profit organizations allows us to quickly identify the real issues and set up our ‘360 web strategy‘ to meet all your needs in a suitable manner and at the best price.

The 360 Web strategy

It is within this framework that our 360 web strategy fits. One of our key advantage: we’ve been in your seat before! Our managing experience helps identify what really matters to you and discard what you don’t need.

This strategy involves:

  • Clearly identify objectives and messages,
  • Assess all possible vectors of communication,
  • Take into account the technical, budgetary and human constraints,
  • Choose, together, the appropriate strategy
  • Implement and follow up of the chosen solutions.

Nameo Solutions exerts a constant watch on new technologies and you will always propose original ways to communicate your messages to reach your customers, wherever they’re located!